GT 26

Best-in class all-round performance and superior operational flexibility


Efficient, flexible and fast
Best all-round plant efficiency over the entire load range with more than 500 MW at 60% efficiency and above in combined-cycle operation.
GT26 robust sequential combustion design supports a wide range of fuel variations, including Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and synthetic gases. 
30 minutes hot start-up and unique capability to deliver within 15 minutes 350 MW in 1+1 combined cycle configuration and 700 MW in 2+1 combined cycle configuration.


Environmental sustainable
The sequential combustion chamber enables customers to maintain lower emissions with a wide range of fuel types without changing hardware. Superior low-load capability allows parking at 15% combined-cycle load during periods of low power demand with all components fully online.

Smart maintenance approach
Ability to switch online between two operational modes - Performance Optimized for higher power output or Maintenance Cost Optimized for up to 30% more operation time between scheduled inspections.
32,000 weighted operating hours combustion and hot gas path inspection intervals.
Ansaldo Energia offers a full and flexible range of service solutions, from Transactional Services through to Operation & Maintenance contracts. Customized service agreements allow customers to choose the best solution to fit their needs.


Well proven technology
3.4 million fired hours, 44,000 starts across a fleet of more than 90 units worldwide.

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